Hand Craftsmanship

All of our steel, our finishes, and even our screws are Made in the USA.


Every single product we create is manufactured on-site, using materials and resources solely from the United States. And because we manufacturing 100% in-house, everything we sell is subject to our rigorous standards of excellence. Quality control is a way of life at SteelCrest.

The closer you look, the more you’ll appreciate our work. When you place an order with SteelCrest, you know you’re getting the best crafted metal work available today. Our products are custom made and delivered ready to install, with no detail left to chance.


Why do we include custom-manufactured mounting screws? Simply because we saw it could be done better. We tool our mounting screws with a needle-point tip, making them able to bite faster and better and pierce the hard-to-penetrate metal edges in drywall. Screws may be installed using either a Phillips head or a number two square drive bit, allowing the installer to screw on the bit without using both hands.

Our custom screws are also color matched with every product. While these screws may seem like a small detail, they allow our products to fit flush into walls, integrating them perfectly into any décor. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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