HVAC Registers

Accessories: Because they should perform as good as they look!

Available on all SteelCrest product lines, and priced separately, these enhancements will add that extra detail of functional beauty. All Accessories are designed to work with your HVAC system to maximize visual appeal without effecting the overall performance of your heating and cooling system.

Concealment Louvers

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SteelCrest's exclusive concealment louver is a valuable accessory for any return grille that helps block, or conceal, the unsightly ductwork behind the grille's face.

Air Deflectors

Often airflow requirement on a project requires air deflection. SteelCrest's air deflectors are a simple option when 1, 2, 3, or 4 way blow patterns are needed.

Beveled Edge

Useful in softening the appearance of any supply or return, or simply preventing a stubbed toe on a floor grille, our bevel edge is affordable and useful.

Mesh Backer

Often SteelCrest products are used in outdoor areas where bugs may have access. SteelCrest's mesh backer adds an important barrier on any product when the need arises.

Speaker Cloth

Typically offered in either black or white, the speaker cloth backer transforms our product into amazing speaker grilles in any size or shape.

Solid Backer

A solid backer on any of our products blocks airflow and noise and is typically mounted on the 3/4-inch frame and powder coated black giving the void look behind the grille face.

OBD Dampers

Because your supply registers should work as good as they look. Operated with a flat-blade screw driver and recessed behind the face of the register to keep the beauty pristine.