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Decorative Air Supply Registers & Return Air Grilles

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Heavy-duty Ornamental Baseboard Air Registers
with Dial-Adjusted Damper
perfect for replacement of classic baseboard supply vents and return openings

illustration of air register with adjustable dampers

Premium powdercoat finish available to replicate bronze grilles,
brass vents, and oil-rubbed bronze products.

All designs can be used on any SteelCrest decorative grille,
ornamental vent, air register, heat vent, or floor register.

SteelCrest laser-cut products are a perfect alternative to
cast iron grilles and wrought iron vents.

1/8" Steel Grille and Frame
  • Tough powder-coat finish on all decorative HVAC products
  • 20+ standard colors for beautiful ornamental products
  • Bevel edge optional for softer appearance on floor registers & grilles

Steel or Aluminum OBD (damper)

  • Easy-to-adjust opposable blade damper on all decorative supply vents
  • Black baked enamel finish standard on all supply dampers
  • Attached to register, no assembly on one-piece easy to install supply vents

Screw Holes

  • Standard screw hole placementon all ornamental products
  • Holes are countersunkfor beautiful finished look grille face
  • Color-matched screws providedon all decorative products
  • Specify "no holes" no charge for standard placement

long register grille

Air Supply Register & Air Return Grille Options
Bevel edge is a special option that creates a distinctive elegant profile on air vents   Ornamental frame is optional for HVAC supplies and returns


Custom Design Grilles

Match Classic Historical Patterns on Renovations

Incorporate Family Crests on Decorative HVAC and Ornamental Accents

Company Logos on Commercial Products for Branding Awareness

Sample images of decorative custom air vents

Baseboard Air Register

Heavy-duty 1/8” steel decorative grille with 18-gauge steel box and damper
Powder-coat finish inside/out
Dial adjust damper control for supply or return grilles
Retro-fit easily, standard sizes for historic remodels and renovations


Air Deflector Insert for
Air Supply Registers

18-gauge steel for fixed directional capability
Tough Black powder coat
Square or rectangle for any decorative supply product
Single or multi-directional louvers per customer’s request

Download the pdf


Concealment Louver for
Ornamental Air Return Grilles

Conceals unsightly ductwork behind decorative return face
18-gauge steel ensures durability for years
Tough Black powder coat
Square or rectangle to match custom-sized return grille

Download the pdf


Radius Face Grille, Supply and Return

Concave, convex or compound radius on most decorative products
OK with OBD, Air Deflector Insert Louver or Concealment Louver for complete offering

Standard Dimensions (units are in inches)

Metal Thickness Options