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Return Air Filter Frames — RAFFs
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return air filter frame image

Wobble-free Construction

  • Hidden steel hinge on all decorative return air filter frames

  • Easy-access mounting screws for easy HVAC product installation

  • Color-matched screw post knobs for seamless finis
  • Tough powder-coated finish on all ornamental HVAC products

  • 20+ standard colors to compliment interior design elements

  • Unique seamless frame for sturdy construction

  • Hinged product with filter access for beautiful return air filter frames

Black-out Filter Included

  • Superior quality washable black filter

  • Standard or Non-standard sizes available to meet your specifications

  • 1, 2, 4, or larger filter racks available
Optional Features for Return Air Filter Frames
pinecone pattern and other decorative frames for raff designs

The cabin collection designs make a dramatic and artistic interior accent

  • Standard or Custom Designs for interior beauty

  • Unique décor styles for rustic or modern cabin architecture

  • Replicate historical patterns on new products to match seamlessly

  • Original designs ensures HVAC architectural interiors are pleasing

Custom Designs

  • Unique decor styles

  • Historical patterns

  • Original designs

Commercial HVAC Air Return

  • Build your company logo into returns

  • Standard or custom sizing available

  • Smart product design ensures easy product installation
Standard Dimensions (units are in inches)

return air filter frame, raff dimensions

Metal Thickness Options