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Decorative Cabinet, Window & Door Insert Grilles

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Easy to order, easy to install ornamental insert products are perfect for new construction, remodels and renovations, or simply upgrades and home improvements

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Architectural Accent Insert Grilles
starting at
35¢ per square inch


Cobblestone • Corinthian • Gothic • Missiion • New Classic • Moutain
NEW Parlour • Presidential • Royal Palm • Santa Fe • Tuscan • Vine


image of cabinets with grille inserts    Cabinet Insert Grilles, plus Window and Door Insert Grilles — all made easy!

• 1/8" or other thicknesses in steel, stainless steel, aluminum or wood
• 12 designs specially for cabinet door inserts, plus custom designs


Or create your own decorative insert design for any kitchen cabinet,
decorative entertainment center, ornamental speaker cover,
or window design treatment


Decorative Insert Designs are typically created using our standard “Expanded” designs which are more open patterns, allowing more visual appeal and openness.
This also reduces the production time and the cost of the product.


Bring Something New To Your Cabinets!
New homes and remodeling projects can benefit
from SteelCrest decorative inserts. Each product is custom-designed per your specifications.

Simply select design, border width,
and color and we will do the rest.

All orders will be executed upon
approved drawing by you, the customer.



Architectural hardware inserts can be used on windows and entry doors


The designs shown below are our standard styles for cabinet, window and door inserts.

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Anne Insert


Ava Insert


Castle Expanded Insert

Castle Expanded

Cheyenne Insert


Classic Expanded Insert

Classic Expanded

Cobblestone Expanded Insert

Cobblestone Expanded

Contemporary Expanded Insert

Contemporary Expanded

Corinthian Expanded Insert

Corinthian Expanded

Gothic Expanded Insert

Gothic Expanded


Herringbone Expanded Insert

Herringbone Expanded

Marie Insert


Mission Expanded Insert

Mission Expanded

Monterey Insert


New Classic Expanded Insert

New Classic Expanded

Omni Expanded Insert

Omni Expanded

Pinecone Medallion Insert

Pinecone Medallion Exp.

Regency Expanded Insert

Regency Expanded

Royal Palm Expanded Insert

Royal Palm Expanded

Santa Fe Expanded

Santa Fe Expanded

Square Expanded Insert

Square Expanded

Traditional Expanded Insert

Traditional Expanded

Tuscan Expanded Insert

Tuscan Expanded

Victorian Expanded Insert

Victorian Expanded

Vine Expanded Insert

Vine Expanded

Vineyard Expanded Insert

Vineyard Expanded

Vogue Expanded Insert

Vogue Expanded

Metal Thickness Options